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Life online is complex, let's break it down.

Alongside reading, writing and math, the 4th literacy is digital.

--Mark Surman, director at Mozilla

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The intersection of usability and privacy

The latest Android, the best hardware & absolutely 0 Google Services
Nebulous serials: IMEI and MAC address randomizers
End to end encrypted messaging and calls, of course
Device Encryption on by default
Microphone disabled, tight permissions management and so much more
Ongoing support included. It's not just a phone, it's a culture

Digital Literacy Primer

Small businesses, libraries, public institutions, teachers and classrooms

2 hour crash course in all things relevant to digital literacy. Begins with the question "What's a computer anyway?" and culminates with practical strategies for disarming the threats facing modern web users.

Designed to answer all the most fundamental questions around how the internet works and how to empower individuals and collectives with the tools and knowledge required to stay safe online.

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Encrypted Life Seminar

Activists, journalists and privacy conscious individuals

In this bring your own device seminar, participants learn the ins and outs of encryption, from how it works to practical methods for securing your digital life.

Freedom and peace of mind online are attainable; this composable series of workshops is the way for those with the will to get real about privacy and become acquainted with the latest and greatest the world of encryption has to offer.

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Cyber Security Overhaul

Businesses, organizations and government offices

A top to bottom audit of your firm's practices, routines and procedures through the lens of cyber-security. Elucidate where vulnerabilities are lurking, get proactive and think preventative.

Don't become the next corporate security breach news headline. A cyber-security audit is mandatory for any concern operating in the modern world.

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Digital Literacy Workshop Outline

Introduction: from boot to cypher (40 mins)

What's a computer anyway? hardware, firmware, software
Information: the stuff of the universe
Privacy: Intersection of Availability, Confidentiality, Authenticity and Integrity
Activity: Sending a private message challenge
Introduction to Cryptography: what is public key cryptography?

Pragmatic Concepts: threats to your digital self (50 mins)

How the internet works: servers, URLs, IPs oh my
SSL: the web's first line of defense
Basics: passwords, emails and malware
Preventative Medicine: what you can do to stay safe from:
Viruses: demystified
Hackers: who what where how and why!
Top 5: Backup, firewall, update, anti-virus and education
Web Browsers: ins and outs of the modern oculus
Handling Problems: what to do when it all goes wrong

Questions and participant lead session (30 min)

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Encrypted Life Modules

Encrypting communications

Be it email, texting, voice calls or file sharing, learn how to encrypt every aspect of your digitial communications. This module works on any device you might be carrying and transforms it from a spyphone to your personal portal into the matrix.

IP addresses: manipulation, securing and going dark

How you connect to the internet says a lot about you. Demystify the concepts behind location tracking and over the wire spying and leave those narks, hackers and snoops in the dusty darkness of anonymity.

Tails: the amnesic incognito live system

When only the most secure configuration will suffice. This two hour workshop will take you from wondering "What's an OS again?" to a bad ass, computer on a stick toting digital ninja.

The future is here

Our most customizable module is a 2 hour voyage into the future of possible. Learn about anything from Bitcoin, the blockchain and the DarkWeb to how to use a 3D printer. From how to fly a drone to how to monitor your at home wifi network and on to building your own server and using a microcomputer. Skynet's the limit.

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